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Q. Why are STRETCHWELL's products so inexpensive compared to my current supplier?

A. Stretchwell is a small family owned business. We are an owner of Textrip Limited Asia's oldest manufacturer of latex bands and tubes, we are also direct importers of most of our other items like balls and pulleys. Perhaps, the question should be why are others so expensive, we believe in a fair profit not huge mark-ups common in the medical trade.

Q. Are STRETCHWELL products latex allergen free?

A.Many of our products are naturally free of latex, such as our balls and pulleys.

While our Bands and Tubes are almost completely free of latex allergens, they still contain a trace amount and we leach out the soluble proteins to reduce exposure to latex allergens. We do not recommended for use with those with know allergies.

Q. Do you offer sample or evaluation packages?

A. Please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

We are always interested in your feedback, please contact us if your question(s) were not addressed.

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