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Stretchwell Fit-Lastic Therapy Products with the ROY G. BIV System of Progressive Resistance are used in exercises for physical therapy for rehabilitative and therapeutic purposes just like TheraBandTM.  Exercise with Stretchwell Fit-Lastic Therapy Products should be used only under professional supervision (such as a physical therapist).  Fit-Lastic Therapy Products are made from natural rubber latex with a unique process to eliminate the latex allergens.  Fit-Lastic Therapy Products are over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens).  Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.

Stretchwell Fit-Lastic Therapy Products include Therapy Bands, Therapy Tubing, Fit-Loops, Stretching Straps, Fitness Balls, Discs with more to come.

Stretchwell produces latex bands and tubing at our mill, Textrip,Ltd.
Stretchwell is also a direct importer of balls and discs.
Please contact us directly to inquire about custom orders.

Stretchwell latex physical therapy products STRETCHWELL, Inc.
64 Vincent Circle P.O. Box 3081 Warminster,PA 18974

1-888-396-2430 or
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Stretchwell, the TheraBandTM alternative for Physical Resistance Therapy.

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